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Fine Victorian Lace Products by Anna Graber  

Anna Graber Originals lace tablecloth - click for a larger version

My passion for lace is endless.  To be surrounded by it is food for the soul.  As you browse through my beautiful website I hope to inspire you. 

Over the past 25 years I have sold my cherished creations at many crafts fairs.  My loyal customers have a large collection of my one of a kind heirloom pillows.  The time has come to share my original Anna Graber Originals Lace Placemats - click for a larger version designs, as well as a recently acquired collection of imported lace creations, with a larger audience. 

Anna Graber Originals Round Lace Tablecloth - Click to see a larger version Since I have enough creative ideas to last me another lifetime, I need to share some of that beauty with you. 

Anna M. T. Graber



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